Welcome to the website of the external ombudsperson of Austrian Development Agency

The external ombudsperson service of Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is operated by Paulitsch Rechtsanwalts GmbH for ADA. It is an independent and impartial contact point for reports of whistleblowers in relation with the work of ADA.

Contact details of the ombudsperson:

Attorney at Law Dr. Pilar Mayer-Koukol

Telephone: +43 1 361 4007
By mail or in person (subject to previous agreement):
ADA Ombudsperson, c/o Paulitsch Rechtsanwalts GmbH, Hoher Markt 8-9/2/10, 1010 Wien

If you want to submit a report regarding the five following reporting categories, you are welcome to contact the ombudsperson in writing by using the below contact form, by telephone or in person:

  • Corruption and related criminal offences including their attempt (for example bribery of or granting advantages to public officials, undue influence on public officials, undue claims by public officials against contracting partners, acceptance of gifts or bribery in the course of trade)
  • Criminal offences against property including their attempt (for example abuse of funding, embezzlement, fraud, breach of trust, money laundering)
  • Illegal conduct in relation to awarding funding and procurement including their attempt (for example illegal agreements restricting competition in procurement procedures, not declaring conflicts of interest)
  • Criminal offences against sexual integrity and self-determination including their attempt (for example sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, sexual harassment)
  • Other serious legal violations including their attempt (other criminal offences punishable by the courts, obvious and serious contractual violations)

The ombudsperson of ADA operates besides the internal whistleblowing system of ADA and enables whistleblowers to communicate with an Attorney at Law as external and independent ombudsperson, who is not bound by instructions. The anonymity of the whistleblower is protected in a two-step-system. Either the whistleblower contacts the external ombudsperson anonymously or the whistleblower discloses his/her identity to the ombudsperson and the ombudsperson protects the whistleblower’s anonymity in the communication with ADA. When submitting reports to the ombudsperson of ADA please note the following:

  • If possible, please assign your report to one of the five reporting categories stated above.
  • Please describe your concern in detail.
  • If possible, please also inform when and where the incident happened or could happen.
  • Please state contact details in order to enable the ombudsperson to get in touch (if requested anonymously) in case of any queries.
  • If you disclose your identity to the ombudsperson, please inform, if you want to remain anonymous towards ADA.
  • If available, please hold any proof relating to your report ready.

You are welcome to use this contact form:

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Hoher Markt 8-9, Staircase 2, 2. Floor, Top 10, 1010 Vienna, Office entrance: Judengasse 1
+43 1 361 4007

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